As a midwife, I provide care to the expectant family throughout the pregnancy and birth and continuing into life with their new baby.  We meet at regular intervals during the pregnancy and postpartum period.  My desire is to assist families in planning and achieving the birth that they desire while also being aware of the need to be flexible to rising circumstances.  The clients I work with need to be proactive in taking very good care of themselves both physically and emotionally.  

Prenatal visits are scheduled monthly until the 7th month when we meet every two weeks until the last month where we will begin meeting weekly until the baby is born.  Individual circumstances may indicate a need for a personalized schedule.  Prenatal visits typically last at least an hour and consist of assessing the course of the pregnancy to determine that all is progressing normally.  We will assess baby's growth and position, listen to the baby's heartbeat, assess mom's health including blood pressure and over all well being and spend time getting to know each other.  There is ample time to discuss concerns, answer questions and plan for the birth. Group prenatals with other expectant families are sometimes available.

Lab work and ultrasound are available during the prenatal period by referral to other Las Vegas professionals.

My services include attendance during labor as soon as the family desires my presence until a couple hours past delivery of the baby.  My duties during the birth are determined by the desires of the family and include assessing mom and baby to be sure all is progressing normally.  After the birth I will weigh and measure the baby, do a newborn examination, assess mom's healing process and assist with the initiation of breastfeeding if desired.   

Services postpartum include home visits for the first week and office visits continuing until 6 weeks postpartum.  I will asses mom and baby, check for adequate weight gain for baby and provide breastfeeding and newborn care support. 

I am also available for prenatal care only for mothers who may be moving, planning a hospital birth, or for any other reason only prenatal care is needed. 

I am available 24/7 for phone calls and questions. 

Services Provided