​​Rebecca Wells, Midwife


I have been attending births in the Las Vegas area for about 10 years, first as a birth doula, later as an apprentice midwife and then as midwife. I received the bulk of my training from two highly experienced Las Vegas midwives, Kaye Bullock and Margie Dacko.

​I became a midwife because I believe in the innate ability of a woman to birth her own baby by her own power. I believe that childbirth is a private, spiritual event and desire to support families in welcoming their children into the world in the comfort of their own homes.
I believe that childbirth proceeds most safely when mothers feel safe and supported and when caregivers intervene only when there is an indication of a problem. Not all births can be safely accomplished at home and part of my training is to identify those situations that deviate from normal and to get medical care for the mother and baby in a timely manner when it is needed.

I am blessed to be married to a wonderful, patient man who fully supports me rising in the night to go assist at a birth and covering for me at home until I am able to return, whether it is hours or days. Together, we have ten amazing children who have taught me of the beauty of birth and motherhood. One of our daughters passed away just before birth and she taught me of the power of supportive midwives and was the catalyst that propelled me into this calling.