Below are comments from a few of those whom I have been

pleased to serve:

I've known Rebecca for almost 10 years. I was able to have the birth experience my husband
​ and I wanted, largely due to Rebecca's care. She was flexible, very available, and always helpful. She answered our questions, gave us plenty of time each appointment, and respected our choices throughout the pregnancy and birth/postpartum experience. We would definitely use her for
another home birth. - M. Blanc

We love Rebecca! She delivered our second baby, a tiny 11 lb 5 oz boy! Rebecca is a true gift,

she has a way of answering all your questions in an informative, and calming manner. She is the

big sister, mom, friend, and medical professional you’re searching for, all wrapped up into one.

Our delivery was short and smooth, and we attribute that largely to Rebecca. She was intuitive to my needs and was able to anticipate my movements. I don’t think it could have gone any better.

We highly recommend Rebecca and plan on having her as our midwife for our future

pregnancies.- Derrick and Brittany McFarland

After having a not so magical birthing experience in a hospital with my first born, I decided I wanted to go the more natural route with a midwife when I discovered I was pregnant with my second.  My husband and I researched midwives in the Las Vegas area, and found no one better than Rebecca Wells. She is not only knowledgeable and professional, but she is also very kind and provides that personal touch that I was looking for. I always left our appointments feeling well informed and never once felt rushed. Both of my birthing experiences with Rebecca were truly beautiful. She knew exactly where to apply pressure when my contractions started getting intense and would be as hands-on and yet hands-off as I wanted her to be. When she saw me starting to get a contraction she would be there guiding me through it and after she would give me my space, so I could concentrate on my body. She was quick to take action when my baby girls heart rate started to dip and after following her instructions to change position, her heart rate quickly went up to normal. Rebecca and her assistant (Emily) had the place clean after the delivery, which was a huge help to both myself and my husband, and they stayed with me until about 3 a.m. when my daughter finally decided to latch on and feed. When I found out I was expecting our third child, I couldn’t think of asking anyone other than Rebecca to be there. She informed me about what I could do to help ensure I would have another healthy baby so close after having my second child. I followed her advice the best that I could and delivered a healthy baby boy.  Rebecca and her family will always have a special place in my heart for delivering my children and helping me through labor and thereafter. I can’t thank you enough for how amazing you have been for us! I wish you and yours all the best.   Michelle